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Private tourist guide in Oman


30 / hour

  • Cities: Nizwa , Muscat , Sohar , Salalah

  • Language: English , Arabic

  • Activities: Day trips , Nature , History & Culture , Family Friendly Tours , Food tour

  • Certified: Tourist Guide

  • Joined: Oct 2022

About me

MARHABA! I , Qamber, your local Omani licensed Tour guide since inception in 2013 . Has been venturing into the geographical arena of the Sultanate of Oman and making utmost efforts to make the best deal available to my clients . Oman is well-recognized for it’s beautiful sceneries such as the mountains , beaches valleys, golden deserts and the ancient Arabic culture and heritage that offers diversity . I have always been quite interested with my country’s history, culture and it’s extremely beautiful landscapes which in due defines my personality. I recognize myself as an extrovert who likes to socialize and interact with different races across the continents so there is no much better way to do this than being a tour guide . I associate with the top leading travel and tourism agencies in Oman and we work hand in hand to offer you excellent and quality experience. We offer well- structured tour packages designed as our client’s preferences . So book me today to make your travel fun, safe, economical , informative , comfortable and very memorable.

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