About Us

How it started:

During last couple years (before the covid-19) the number of tourists reached a record of 2 billion tourists who traveled worldwide. The higher growth rate of the underrepresented areas in the world shows many of tourists tend to travel to such areas where we can see lack of connection between local service providers and travelers. Tours and activities provided by locals are not widely accessible for tourists there esp. through online platforms.


Who we are:

With years of in-depth knowledge in tourism industry, Pirsik will helps you to overcome your challenge to travel to new destinations. We make travel to new destinations easier, affordable, and accessible for travelers all around the world.

Pirsik.com is a marketplace to connect travelers with local guides and travel agencies. We provides opportunities for locals, mostly in underrepresented areas of the world, and let them offer their services to travelers. On the other side, we help visitors from around the world choose their favorite tours or experiences from any local guides or travel companies. In Pirsik, we aim to bring new experiences to your trips by revolutionizing the way tourists communicate with locals.


Our Vison:

To help locals empower specially in underrepresented areas, lead the change and make tourism more sustainable