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Private tourist guide in Iran


20 / hour

  • Cities: Kashan , Yazd , Qazvin , Sanandaj , Chabahar , Isfahan , Qeshm Island , Shiraz , Rasht , Tabriz , Kerman

  • Language: English

  • Activities: Day trips

  • Joined: Aug 2022

About me

Adventures like mountain biking, climbing, caving, and exploring have been part of my lifestyle for over a decade. I’ve traveled through the nature of Iran in these past years, So I decided to study tourism management and follow this way by taking some courses like first aid and rescue, eco-tour guide, climbing techniques, and the courses are related. Finally chose the tourism industry as my job. I’ve been a travel consultant and tour planner for travel companies and operated adventure expeditions and astronomical tours in Iran for years. Thanks to a decade of experience, today I organize expeditions and special adventure tours for my clients and those who are eager to have different experiences in different places. Climb high mountains more than 4,000 meters high, hike and cycle through the mountains and deserts of Iran, crawl across deep caves, and astronomy tours as well. Landscape photography, astrophotography, making time-laps and every kind of adventure are my favorite activities. My duty is to expand my skills and abilities in my job, education, and lifestyle.

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