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Private tourist guide in Egypt


4 / hour

  • Cities: Siwa Oasis , Hurghada , Alexandria , Giza , Luxor , Cairo

  • Language: English

  • Activities: Day trips , History & Culture , Family Friendly Tours

  • Certified: Tourist Guide

  • Joined: Nov 2023

About me

Graduated from Helwan University Faculty of Tourism and Hotel management, guidance department in 2010, with 10+ years’ experience of guiding, leading groups and arranging customer's transfers through different destinations.Places of experience Luxor east and west, Dandara, Abydos, Cairo, Alexandria,ST. Katharine monastery, the route of the holy family, El Faiyum and Siwa oasis. In addition to sea, desert & city trips in each city I'm dual resident between Cairo &Hurghada for more flexibility to match job requests.

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