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Travel to Iran without visa

Iran tourist visa is a document issued by the Iranian government that allows foreign travelers to enter and visit Iran for tourism purposes. It grants permission for a specific duration of stay and is typically valid for a single entry or multiple entries depending on the visa type and duration requested.

The tourist visa allows visitors to explore Iran’s rich cultural heritage, historical sites, natural beauty, and experience its unique traditions. It enables tourists to visit popular destinations such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Persepolis, and many other attractions.

It’s important to note that Iran has specific regulations regarding tourism and visa requirements. Some nationalities may be eligible for visa-free entry or visa on arrival, while others must obtain a visa in advance. The requirements, application process, and fees may vary depending on the country of citizenship.

It is advisable to contact the Iranian embassy or consulate in your country or visit their official website to get accurate and up-to-date information about the Iran tourist visa application process, required documents, fees, and any additional requirements or restrictions.

Iran tourist visa is issued in case you wish to travel to Iran for tourist purposes only. If you are going to visit Iran, first you should know if you can travel without visa? Travel to Iran without visa is applying for citizens of some countries Based on mutual agreement within the framework of international rules and regulations.

Visa-free Countries

Citizens of Bolivia, Venezuela, Serbia, Malaysia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt can travel to Iran without a visa and stay for a number of days or few months. Their stay can be extended by applying for a visa extension at Iranian consulates and embassies in their countries or the Iranian Foreign Police in Iran. Regulations might change through the time. Iran might add more to the list of Iran visa-free nationals in the future based on its development to its tourism plan.

Travelers from the visa-free nations can visit Iran for the following number of days:

Turkey (90 Days),

Armenia (90 Days),

Oman (30 Days)

Azerbaijan (30 Days),

Georgia (45 Days),

Malaysia (15 Days),

Syria (30 Days),

Egypt (20 Days),

Bolivia (30 Days),

Venezuela (15 Days),

Lebanon (30 Days),


Travelers from a visa-free country only need valid passport from their country of origin. Be aware that the passport must not have a stamp from Israel or exit stamps at Egyptian or Jordanian border crossings into or out of Israel, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the country.

Travel to Iran Free Zones without Visa

Iran has established several free trade zones (FTZs) within its territory. Free zones are designated areas where businesses enjoy certain exemptions and incentives to promote trade, investment, and economic development. These zones are intended to attract foreign investment, boost exports, and facilitate international trade.

Free zones in Iran are geographically defined areas that operate under specific regulations different from the rest of the country. They are designed to create a business-friendly environment by offering tax incentives, simplified customs procedures, relaxed labor regulations, and other benefits to attract foreign investors and promote economic activities.

Iran has several free zones located in strategic areas across the country. Some of the prominent free zones that are popular for tourists, include:

  • Kish Island Free Zone
  • Qeshm Island Free Zone


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